Xbox 360 To Have Play Time Limit

Last Revised on May 25, 2008

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So here we have it; Microsoft has finally decided to put a feature inside Xbox 360 where parents will have control over how much time their kids will play Xbox. This new feature is called Family Timer and it is ann add on to Xbox 360 upcoming Fall Season update. Expect to see it out by December 04.

Parents can limit the amount either based on daily or weekly; they can over ride the play time if they want to. The way this feature works is that before the timer expires the kid will get a warning, just like in some big video games. If you already own Xbox 360, don’t worry. Just like said above, this is just an update. But make sure your automatic update is set to ON and connected to the Xbox’s network. The timer can be set in 15-minute increments, and you can always ask the kids for help — although you may not want to let them know what you’re planning to do.

The other features that comes with the season’s update are ability to socialize more; players can view each other’s friend’s gaming lists. Some of the Microsoft’s original Xbox, gamers will now be able to download a handful of complete Xbox games, including the original Halo, Crimson Skies, and critical darling Psychonauts, each for $15. Players currently can add a maximum of 50 fellow gamers to their Friends list, allowing them to view each other’s online status and other information, and that’s not enough for many extroverted Xbox enthusiasts.

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