Worst Technology and Gadgets of 2007

Last Revised on December 29, 2007

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Year 2007 saw a lot of outstanding electronic products like Nintendo Wii and Apple iPhone, but we also saw some crappy gadgets. Some of worst technology items released in year 2007 are:

Apple TV was Apple company trying to make our living room look like a no-brainer. It is packed with HDMI, Wi-Fi- and Ethernet. But what it lacked was very few movies to choose to watch from. Software got updated but nothing really changed; people still can’t browse or buy videos directly from there. Some people haven’t even heard of the Apple TV yet.

Palm Foleo is two-pound device. It is like a notebook that is capable of connecting to phone through Bluetooth technology and thus giving the possibility to connect to the internet and surf the web and emails. It also had a full-size keyboard. The palm foleo was not only expensive $500, it lacked the functionality a lot of tech geeks expected out of it.

Windows Vista is technically not a gadget. But it’s an OS software for Windows PC. It not only arrived to store late but also did not run as smooth as all the preview Windows OS softwares did. No wonder a lot of people still use Windows XP, instead of upgrading to Windows Vista.

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