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Last Revised on July 26, 2007

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WordPress stats plugin is from Automattic. Although it has less features and go less in depth, it claims that this plugin highlights “what is most interesting to us as a writer.” It tires to put the most popular stat metrics of a blogger in a concise and clean interface. It collects data about pageviews, popular posts, incoming traffic and how the visitors exit your blog. This plugin doesn’t conflict with the other stat plugin scripts you are currently using. Install is pretty easy. You install it the same way you have been installing any other wordpress plugins to you blog. You need is a wordpresss API key though, which if you don’t have can get it here. Beyond this, everything is automatic.

One of the best thing I like about this plugin is that “all of the processing and collection runs on our servers and not yours, it doesn’t cause any additional load on your hosting account. In fact, it’s one of the fastest stats system, hosted or not hosted, that you can use.”

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