Why You Should Dump Him or Her

Last Revised on December 28, 2007

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We hear celebrities break up all the time; but have you thought about why do they really break up? If you are planning to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then you would realize at least one or two good reasons why breaking up is better than sticking together:

-You guys have been together for almost a year now but now it seems the relationship is drifting apart. Think about has there been any big changes in the your or your partner’s life. If that’s so then you should talk to each other and weigh the importance of this change to your relationship.

-Sometimes it is just a matter of happiness. Boys and girls feel happy for the beginning moments they have been together, but as time goes on they realize they are not really happy any more. They are more happy with some one else.

-Relationships can be abusive. People always think men are abusive; but some women are abusive as well although it might be in lower rate. Abusive relationships can’t last long; because there is limit to how a human being can tolerate abuses when there are so many options out there.

-Willingness to stick together can be one of the most important factor in long lasting relationship. Almost every relationship goes through a turmoil, whether it be big or small. The difference is how much the couple are willing to stick together and keep the relationship happy and running.

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