Why People Fail to Do Work Out Exercise Regularly?

Last Revised on March 6, 2008

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Work out and physical exercise is probably the best thing along side eating healthy to do a big favor to your body. But most of us are not able to make a habit of working out on a daily basis. Here are some of the reasons why:

Too Hard. Sometimes we start out with a huge goal and enthusiasm. “I’m going to go to the gym for an hour a day!” or “I’m going to run 30 minutes every day!” Then the problem start to arise and we start to realize it is too difficult to keep doing it for very long. You can do it for a few days, but you soon run out of energy, and it becomes a drag to do it.

Too much. Some of us start out to do too much at a time. We have goals to run, lift weights, healthy, quit sugar, and stop drinking soda. But that’s too many of goals, and there is no way we can focus on the exercise habit if we are trying to a lot of thing at the same time.

Not motivated enough. Often time we are so disciplined, but the problem arise when we lack the motivation. We can bring motivation in by contemplating on why we are doing what we are doing. What’s the purpose of working out? And things like that.

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