Why Google Loves Me?

Last Revised on November 28, 2007

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Google loves me for who I am; not for who I pretend to be who I am. Actually I don’t pretend before google because Google knows who I am. Google has my everything; Google has my social security #, my phone number, my date of birth, my home address, my credit card number and even things that i don’t know Google knows about me. In the future, if i forget my lets say social security number and date of birth i plan to call google center because they know it with a sing click of a button.

I don’t lie to google for google knows everything about me. Google even knows I surf porn; google knows what i like and what i don’t through its feature called google history. And i love google for leaving that history feature on. Google sends me money every month and i send them prayers. I ask them questions and they reply me back; they ask me questions and i reply them back. Google Loves me for that reason.

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