Why Computer is Giving You Flu?

Last Revised on January 23, 2008

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Most people might think this is insane, but there a good chance of getting flu by using public computers than by using public bathrooms. You ask why? It is pretty simple; public bathroom require much work to clean them up. So companies often hire a number of employees to clean them up. They do pretty good job at keeping bathroom sanitized; whether it be faucets, stalls, seats, or the door knob; they are maintained well and clean. Learn how computers can really give you flu.

But what about public computers? Computers keyboards and mouse? Computers used by general public collects all the sweats, germs and bacterias from everybody who use them. General public computers like those in the libraries, schools, universities and internet cyber cafe’s are often the most neglected thing that really needs to be cleaned and sanitized frequently. Also it is not always the general public computer, your own family or personal computer needs to be wiped and sanitized too. When was the last time you sanitized the computer keyboard?

So next time you get flu or flu like symptoms think about it where are you really getting it from? Is it just from cold outside weather, or is it from computer keyboards or computer mouse (mice). The stomach flu virus can be easily transmitted through shared objects. The is virus is quite common in winter season and is considered the most frequent cause of outbreaks of vomiting and diarrhea in the United States, is often contracted in schools, at work and on cruise ships where objects are shared. Sharing is good, but sharing along with maintaining things clean is better.

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