Who is More Likely to Cheat or Forgive Affair in Relationship?

Last Revised on December 19, 2009

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When we are in a relationship that means we are committed to our partner. But recently we have been hearing word phrases such as committed relationship – insinuating that these these two words are synonymous to each other. One of the main reason is because we see and hear more and more celebrities, especially the athletes and politicians, are indulging in extramarital affairs secretly and getting caught. As if they have a husband and wife relationship; but there is no commitment toward each other. So this example pretty much clears up the question who is more likely to cheat in a relationship? That is men – they cheat on their partner more often. Who is more forgiving? The wives are more forgiving to their spouses than vice versa.

But lets move back for a second. These men were famous and most likely that triggered a thrill in their libido level to engage in infidelity; and their wives forgave them very easily. Just look at the Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa. He cheated on his wife but wife forgave him. Are women that easy to forgive men for sleeping with other women? If it wasn’t for the celebrity status of these guys, most people darn are sure that these women would have left these men the moment they hear the truth.

But listen to this men aren’t as much forgiving as they expect women to be. If the girl cheats on her boyfriend, the relationship will end regardless of whatsoever. Many husbands can’t forgive cheating, but wives are often expected to. Why? New study shows that there is an innate difference between betrayed men and women. According to Philip Hordes of Daily Mail website, “For a betrayed woman, an affair is an offense against her dignity. For a betrayed man, it’s an offense against his manhood. It goes right to the core of his identity.” See women associates cheating with the respect which we deals with every day in our lives, whereas the men thinks it is offensively downplaying his physical identity perhaps the most important aspect for them.

Blatantly speaking, girls cares about love whereas men cares about sleeping. It is not to say that men doesn’t love their partner; it is that girls generally tend to love the men as a whole person whereas men tend to put the sexual aspect of his partner at a way higher level than other aspects such as honesty, compassionate and trustworthy. Therefore, if the women sleeps with another men the guy wants to break up not because the trust was broken but because that sexual physical being was shared. Women often tend to be forgiving to their cheating husband because they care more about him as a person than his sexuality being shared with another women. Although both men and women care about their partner; but men are at way higher level when it comes to physical aspect of their partner.

So the next question should be who is more likely to forgive cheating in a marriage or in a premarital relationship? Also I think it is more than just the matter about the husband or wife, but rather more factors such as the type of personality traits, length of time they have been together and families, etc.

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