Who Drives Better – Men or Women?

Last Revised on January 2, 2010

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There seem to be some controversy about whether men drives better or the women. Technically, it would be hard to say for sure just by solely relying on few random samples we see on a daily basis. Some people even go onto say that nobody drives better than the seniors; but that might not be true because as people age, we lose bit of a coordination abilities along with our eyesight which are crucial for any driver. But back to the original question who drives their car better – women or men?  The results may shock you; so to be fair to both genders we flipped the topic and will talk discuss this instead while keeping our discussion on the same topic:

Who is a worse driver – women or men?

Some of the main traits of bad driver are accidents, drunk driving or DUI, speeding and traffic violations. So which group causes more accidents, diver under the influence of alcohol often, gets ticket for reckless driving than the other? Recent government data publications and auto insurance statistics show that men are worse driver than women.

Men may have better driving skills but women follows the laws and regulations better. So who is the better driver and who is the worse one between the two?

A study conducted by the Quality Planning, an organization that is used by insurance companies to gather data about their policyholders, shows that males are 50% times more likely to drive recklessly, fail to put on seat belt or follow street’s speed regulations and stop/yield signs.

Here are the exact number from year 2007 for male versus female if you want to take a look:

Type of Traffic Law Violations Violation ratio of males to females
Reckless driving 3.41-to-1
DUI 3.09-to-1
Seat belt violations 3.08-to-1
Speeding 1.75-to-1
Failure to yield 1.54-to-1
Stop sign/signal violations 1.53-to-1

If these numbers aren’t enough to convince people why guys pay more for car insurance policies than female, then continue reading why they are so terrible at handling the automobiles. Some experts have linked male gender with greater propensity and drive for thrill seeking behavior than females.

Fatal Crashe Occurrences correlation with Gender:  Men seem to outnumber female in this aspect as well. The US Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have men drivers logged in for roughly 6.1 million crashes in 2007, of which more than 40,000 were fatal compared to women who were involved in about four and half million crashes of which  less than 15,000 were dangerous car accidents. Males caused 4.3 million property damages whereas females numbers were a million and half less.

Same in every state? So far the stats are mostly from California state or the whole country in general, but other states seem to agree with the conclusion though. For example, in year Minnesota Department of Public Safety says female drivers were involved in just more than 55,000 crashes in 2006. That same year men driving in that state were involved in 34 percent more crashes, a total of 75,000 approximately. On a funny note, in UK it is reported 47% of the kids  felt unsafe when their mother was driving, and another 39% felt unsafe while driving with their father. Men car insurance policyholder pay higher insurance premium than female, especially with these big companies like AllState, Esurance, Farmers, Geico, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm and I am sure others do too according to the California Department of Insurance who collected quotes based on genders.

Does that mean females are better driver though? Or just simply more careful driver? An interesting thing to take into account is that as many people don’t seem to know there are more male drivers on the road than females. About 60 to 60 percent of all drivers in the United States are men.

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2 Responses to “Who Drives Better – Men or Women?”

  1. examine my skills Says:
    January 6th, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    These stats mean nothing. You know why? Because there are far more who drives than women. And often women are on the passenger seat rather than straight behind the wheel.

  2. Mahily D. Says:
    December 15th, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    Who is a good driver? A man or a woman? Gender Differences is always a big issue. Women have had to deal with cracks from men about their driving for as long as they have been driving. But what came before the other? The conduct or the criticism? But a joint study between Colleges on two continents this week decided that women drive even worse after they have had their ability to drive challenged. It may seem clear, but confidence gets sluggish when it is criticized. And a good driver is a confident driver. It hurts females when individuals criticize them. (See: http://www.cardealexpert.com/news-information/fyi/jokes-make-women-drive-worse/

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