What You Can Do to Save Earth?

Last Revised on November 23, 2007

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Al Gore did a great job of making the world aware of how our Earth is changing and thus won a Nobel Prize. Now it is our time do things to save Earth by going green. Here are some very simple ways you can go environmental friendly in your daily life:

Plant a tree: See if you got any space in your backyard to plant a space. It will help you breath better around that tree. It is said that one tree can help make cleaner air to a big extent and save the environment from 5,000 pounds of hot carbon dioxide each year.

Use energy efficient light bulbs: bulbs like compact fluorescent bulbs use two-thirds less energy. It even last 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. People should starting using these type of bulbs.

Don’t use paper cups: instead use your own cups that way we won’t have too much waste. At starbucks, if you bring your own cup, you get 10 cent discount at starbucks when you bring cups. That way we won’t have to use the land refill.

Water is Free, but use it wisely: Even though water is available free of cost, we have to be responsible to save water. Don’t use washers when it is not full. And take shower efficiently; when you are using soap, turn of the water. Same goes when brushing teeth.

Use standby on compute: when you are not actively using the computer, either turn it off or use the standby mode. Also see if you wanna stop this phantom electro rush by plugging your computer into a power strip and shutting down completely at the end of the day.

Cancel free catalogs: Businesses keep sending you free catalogs but you know you are not going to buy anything from them, so please cancel the free catalogs. You will help save a lot of tree from getting cut down.

Use Efficient Cars: If you don’t have a big family, why you need a SUV. Please see if you can use eco friendly cars. Even look for a gas efficient cars. They will save you money at the gas pump. You also need to take care of your cars regularly with timely tune-ups and properly inflated tires.

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