What to Do When Your Date Disagrees With You?

Last Revised on January 31, 2008

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You might think about going out on date with somebody; but it sure doesn’t feel good when you end up going out on date and things don’t fall in their place and you two start to fight and disagree over things. Here is what to do and how to save the date from falling apart:

Be patient. Just don’t rush into difficult tasks and conversations. Anticipate that you and you date have different perspective and temperaments; you both are different and will approach difficult conversations in different ways too. Take it from a psychology major who married a finance major.

Be honest. Things will eventually come out and your date will find the truth. So it is better to tell the truth and feel safe than regret later.

Save your judgments. Don’t start to judge on things very easily. Otherwise, you will be labeled “very judgmental” even though you were just saying it.

Listen actively. What that means is don’t just listen, but interact with that person. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should keep quite, but it doesn’t mean you talk a lot either.

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