What Papers, Forms and Documents Do You Need for Car Insurance?

Last Revised on January 1, 2011

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As easy as it sounds, getting car insurance isn’t very simple. Buying a new car is made so easy as long as you have the money to pay for it. But it is different with car insurance, since it requires some paper and forms to be filled out by the driver and documentation showing proof of license and state residency registration.

Main Documents Required to Get Car Insurance: Knowing what documentation is required will make the entire process go smoothly and get the insurance faster. List of these documents include:

ID: Your driver’s license also serves as state ID. Insurance companies need them to look at your driving record, such as traffic tickets and DUI, so that they can offer you an accurate quote. Usually when you have just gotten a new driver license, your record is clean and thus will get a better and cheaper insurance quote.

SSN: Your social security number is also important to some companies. However, not everybody has SSN since there are non citizens who are ineligible to obtain a social-security-number but are eligible for driving license. But if you do have one, it is better to provide the proof to the company.

DOB:  Your date of birth is used to calculate how old you are and how many years of driving experience you carry on your shoulder. The older you are, the lower your car insurance will be to some extent. Usually young drivers such as teenagers are give high car insurance premium quote because they are not only inexperienced car drivers but they are also at high risk for driving recklessly and getting into accident.

VIN: Every car has its own Vehicle Identification Number. Car insurance companies use them to know car’s manufacturer, model, type, year, etc. So sometimes when you talk on the phone with an insurance agent, all they ask about your car is the VIN number. You can easily look up information of any car online if you have its VIN #.

Additional Forms and Paperwork You Might Need to Fill Out for Car Insurance: These papers may or may not need to be turned in when buying a car insurance, but as a precaution you can get it ready beforehand.

Registration: Many car insurance won’t ask for car registration number when you are buying insurance for that car. The reason is if you aren’t the owner, you won’t be getting car insurance for it anyways as you will be wasting money. But sometimes police trooper will ask you to show the registration along with your proof of driving license when you get pulled over; cops ask you to make sure you are the owner of that car. Your motor vehicle registration needs to be renewed every year or two at the DMV;  there you get the new tabs for license plate as well.

Employment: Your job and employment place isn’t usually asked for when filling out car insurance forms, but some may ask you just like some other businesses do. One reason they want to know is so they can track you down if you miss on any balance and dues. Most often the car insurance company will cancel your insurance coverage when you don’t pay your monthly bills. You can also ask them to change your insurance premium policy from month-to-month billing to semi-annually 6 months period so you won’t forget.

Copies: you need send original copy of your documentation instead the duplicate copies. Insurance company will also follow the suit: they will only send you the duplicate copies of your insurance policy describing coverage, liability, etc. They will also sometimes send you an unofficial Insurance Card within a day or two of getting your car insurance approved through email. You real insurance card will be mailed to you.

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    February 9th, 2011 at 9:30 pm

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  2. dee Says:
    August 1st, 2011 at 9:02 am

    I am 24 and living with family.I have nothing to prove my address except my license and my job address. what do i need to get car insurance

  3. bert Says:
    August 5th, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    I bought a car and I name it to her so that ill get cheaper insurance. But now I want the car name it to me, is that possible I could just ask them to transfer the primary driver in my name.

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