What MacBook Air is missing

Last Revised on February 5, 2008

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There is no disagreement that Apple’s slim notebook MacBook Air looks good, but it may be missing features you need. There are cost of necessary extras:

MacBook Air Sleeve cost $30-$50: You have seen MacBook commercials with those think paper envelope but that’s not enough in real life. Belkin is one of the few companies that has stylish sleeves designed specially for the MacBook Air. They’re available in leather, or neoprene, or fabric; they have those removable shoulder strap for extra portability.

MacBook Air SuperDrive ($99): The MacBook Air doesn’t have any optical drive that we assume every computer or laptop should have. Therefore, you can’t install software or watch movies on your Macbook. Apple is already taking orders for the sleek MacBook SuperDrive, which according to the website is slightly bigger than a CD case, and easily fits inside a travel bag.

USB Hub (it’s cost varies): MacBook Air only has one usb hub; that’s very poor when the usb is one of the fastest growing accessories that is needed to hook your pc or notebook to other gadgets.

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