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Last Revised on December 23, 2009

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Almost every website publisher and bloggers have google adsense account. But recently a lot of adsense publishers are complaining about low click through rate price. They are getting like 2 cents per click. That’s pretty bad, especially if you have high paying niche site like health, insurance and money related. So there is a new alternative out there. It is called Pay Per Play ads, where get paid for everytime your website visitors play the audio ad.

PayPerOnlineAds is a new new media source, but it has already over 66,000 advertisers. How pay per ads work? Well, it is pretty simple, they give you a simple javascript ad code that gives a single 5 second audio ads on your website. The ad code could be pasted anywhere between the tags of any web page where it is appropriate for visitors to hear an audio ad.

I think Pay Per Ads are very good for all the websites, and even low traffic site can make good money for the ads can be place on every single page on your website and visitors don’t have to click on any ads. And don’t worry, Pay Per Plays ads does not go against Google TOS; they can be placed along side the Adsense ad codes.

And did you know that PPP ads can be placed on social networks like MySpace or traffic exchanges and networking sites such as TrafficSwamp as long as the users are not violating the terms of service of these websites then users are free to place PPP code wherever they want.

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