What Is New In Yahoo Messenger 9.0

Last Revised on November 12, 2007

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Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 has been released. This new Yahoo Messenger 9.0 version comes with an entire new look and feel, along with some new features. Here are the reasons why you should upgrade to Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta:

-New Look: Your contact list will look better and Avatar can be enlarged easily. You can easily switch between detail and compact list view in the Contacts menu.

– New skins and emoticons: You can choose new skins to change the theme of your Yahoo messenger. There is an improved emoticon menu that comes with emoticons by user entries in Yahoo Emoticontest earlier this year.

– Easy Flickr transfer: There is a new Flickr integration with Yahoo messenger so to enable the photo sharing feature within the Yahoo messenger.

– Best of All: Yahoo messenger 9.0 has a new in-line media player that makes it easy to do other things besides messaging such as maps, photos and videos from sites like Yahoo! Video and YouTube right in the IM window. They all comes with yahoo messenger 9.0 so no extra downoads of plugins are needed.

– New features for voice calls. You can have your incoming Phone In or free PC calls forwarded to another number like your mobile, home or office phone, even if you’re signed out of Messenger (Phone Out account required). Plus there’s a new way to get voicemail. When someone leaves you a voicemail in Messenger, an email is sent to you with an MP3 of the voice message attached.

– The new Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 offers localized versions in six new markets: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India (Hindi), and Vietnam. With these additions, now the Yahoo! Messenger is available in 25 big international markets.

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