What is Form 1099G Used For?

Last Revised on February 17, 2011

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1099 is a group of tax forms used for income and payments that are non-traditional, that is they aren’t really wages and salary. There are many types of 1099 form; most common one is 1099 G, which is used by government when paying individuals except for tax refunds.

Government uses it to pay for things such as agricultural payments, disability insurance, commodity corporation loan payments, refunds from state tax return from prior year, unemployment benefits, and alternative trade adjustment assistance that exceeds $600; all of which are considered a taxable income.

IRS requires employers to issue a separate 1099G to employee who recieved Paid Family Leave benefits. There are two separate sheets on 1099G forms: the first sheet is Table A, which is used for unemployment and disability insurance, disaster unemployment assistance, and voluntary federal income tax withholding amounts. Federal stimulus payments are included in there too. The second sheet is Table B, and it will only show paid family leave benefit payments and repayments of a paid family leave benefit overpayment.

How to read for 1099-G? Most important thing is to read the top where it provides recepient’s name and contact address. It has special boxes indicating details about the amount of money received, what portion was taxed, name of the government department that paid along with its tax ID number and general identification number.

How to file taxes 1099G or incorporate it in my tax return? Whether you plan to file it on a paper or efile, please follow these simple instructions: if you choose 1040 tax form, go to box 1 on line 19 to report unemployment benefits, state refunds goes to box 2 on line 10, ATAA goes into box 5, disaster payments on line 8a of Schedule F. You can also used 1040EZ to file 1099. If you file them through online, efile, you don’t need to send a copy to IRS; however, it is highly recommended that you keep a copy for yourself just in case IRS audits you since 1099-G is complicated in the beginnings.

Tips about filing 1099-G tax form: If you are not sure whether or not you should be filing it with your tax return, wait till you get that form. Usually it will arrive to you before the last day of January as long as your contact address is correct. Another thing to remember is that a lot of time people receive informational papers and newsletters about 1099-G, a good way to distinguish is that the actual form 1099g has an explanation on the back of the form that describes if and when the payment is taxable and where it should be reported on your tax return.

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2 Responses to “What is Form 1099G Used For?”

  1. adi Says:
    February 23rd, 2011 at 10:08 am

    i need this form. it was send to me in january 2011 but i lost. so i need it to file it on my taxes for 2010.

  2. 1099g Says:
    January 25th, 2012 at 10:03 am

    when i first started my claim with dua they sent me a paper with the amount i have in my acount for that year i used all my money in 2011 in my dua acount so can i just put that amount in my taxes so i dont have to wate for dua when there good and ready to finaly send out the 1099g

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