What are the Best Diet Pills?

Last Revised on October 22, 2009

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Diet pills are anti-obesity medication that helps you lose weight by altering how our body processes food and endures physical exercises. It helps regulate weight by controlling appetite and metabolism. Now a days we hear a lot about diet pills and very few about conventional diets such as Mediterranean diet. The reason could be the huge amount of new diet pills that are being marketed toward the consumers who are having difficulty achieving a successful weight loss. Therefore, it becomes incredibly hard to determine which ones work best and most effective. Here we will try to help you compare the list of top diet pills:

One of the most popular diet pill in the market right now is no doubt LipoFuze. It seemed to have gotten a lot of good reviews by its users who are trying to lose fat and maintain a healthy weight. It is said that on average, people could lose upto 10 pounds within a week if you follow the usage thoroughly. It not only helps build lean muscle but it also keeps your appetite at a healthy level. Some headache and nauseous feelings have been reported with the use however.

Apidexin seem to come up strong into many people’s mind when we talk about diet pill. That is because it has some of the top ingredients that are patented and works to help lose weight at fast pace results. It helps boost your energy but dizziness and sleep loss were some of the top side effects.

Liporexall has some of the top clinically proven ingredient helping to reduce fat in the body fast. Some users have said that the company doesn’t recommend it using above the recommended dose since it could result in a sudden drastic weight loss that could harm your body system.

Another top diet pill is phenphedrine.

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  1. Currently on Diet Says:
    November 7th, 2009 at 4:21 am

    Thats cool. I agree, that was a good post!Dude a friend of mine has been was trying to increase lean muscle while lose weight. He try all natural threaphy, they were working, but very slow, so at the end, he try try one of the diet pills you have listed to increase the effectiveness. yes results were great. so my suggestion if u want to go on diet and be healthy, eat good nutritious food. Don’t take too many supplements, because they can interact against each other.

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