What Are the Best and Worst Pick Up Lines Ever?

Last Revised on December 15, 2009

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A pick up line is a verbal introduction that person, usually guys, open to start conversation with another person. Guys use pick-lines with the intent of flirting and getting to know the girls. These lines help advertise the wit of their speakers to their target unfamiliar listeners. It is sometimes considered romantic and ice breakers and sometimes people use it as a joke. But whatever the case it may be, we went on a hunt to gather what majority of the people thought were the best pick up lines they have ever heard, and in between figured out the worst pick up lines that turned off many girls. Most of these lines are original – so probably the person you are intending to use it on has never heard this before, which makes it even better.

Here are the list of top pick up lines that were favorite for guys and girls:

1. Excuse me, can I you help me with the directions? [And the girl goes “to where?”]. To your heart. This is also probably the best pick up line because it not only helps you start the conversation without sounding too bothersome but also allows the girl to automatically get in talk with you. Often times laughs and introduction happen after this witty but funny line.

2. If I could rearrange alphabets, I would put U and I together. This one make it sound like you are interested in getting together and dating. And it doesn’t sound just too short-term type of relationship.

3. Excuse me! Hi,  I am writing a college final paper on the finest and most wonderful things I have experienced in my life; so I was wondering if i could interview you. This one is very flattery and makes the other party feel good about themselves.

4. I am really sorry to bother you but those people in that corner told me I just stole your heart; could you please confirm that? This is pretty good pick up line but you have to first tell if the person is having fun or not; if the person looks in a crappy mood, you might get slapped and ignored for that reason.

5. If you were a tear in my eye, I would not cry tonight for fear of losing you. Very good pick line if the women seem open to conversation. Hopefully, this one won’t be considered a lame statement.

Ok now you wanna know what are the worst pick up lines. You may not use these when hanging out in the public parties. We suggest that you don’t use them unless you know what you are doing – because the following pick up lines might not be funny for most of the people you would think they are:

1. I may not be the best looking guy in here, but I am the only one talking to you. This will probably turn the girl off; even though you just admitted you might not be one of the best in the current scene, but you also made it sound like she only got you per se. That other guys don’t like her.

2. My boys over there bet that I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the room. Want to buy some drinks with their money? This one sounds cheap and somehow old. If this was a true story, you better be prepared for a heart broken night.

3. Do you sleep on your stomach? [Any response you get] Can I? This one is terrible pick-up line unless you think you are talking with a trashy girl. It just goes straight to the point but also make you sound jerk and more importantly a pervert at the wrong place.

More pick up lines will be added as we find new ones. Hopefully the ones we listed above will be successful in helping you get a date.

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2 Responses to “What Are the Best and Worst Pick Up Lines Ever?”

  1. I collect top list of liners Says:
    January 3rd, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    I kind of agree that asking someone whether she or he sleeps on stomach is the worst pick up line. Maybe because it sound little bit invasive to their privacy. But I can’t imagine using this one ever. But then you also don’t wanna be using the ones that are most often used if you plan to stand out.

  2. be a guy or a girl Says:
    May 31st, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    I know a pick up line that works almost all the time I ain’t however stupid to share with everyone though. you gotta make up your own and it will work. don’t use the ones you find online for flirt everyone knows those lines. all nighters

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