What are Different Types of Facial Treatments?

Last Revised on November 13, 2010

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Do you have a sensitive skin that needs to be treated but without expensive costs of seeing a dermatologists for consultations? A do it yourself facial may be right for you even though there are so many different facial treatments out there offered by salon for cheap price. It helps exfoliate dead skin cells, deep cleanse the pores with blackheads, and moisturize, even out and resurface the skin tone without using any anti-aging products.

Which type of facial treatment is right for me (you)?

Peels: a facial peel can be helpful reduce the freckles, aged as well as sun damaged spots, wrinkles, and any irregularities on the face skin. It can also increase the production of collagen. It is performed by a dermatologist and is considered a cosmetic treatment using some chemicals such as glycolic, salicyclic, lactic or citric acid. It usually requires a doctor consultation. This procedure can be repeated twice a year so that the skin get the chance to recover and renew itself. A risk of minor infection and scarring is involved.

Extractions: After the skin is well steamed and exfoliated, beautician can extract blackheads and whiteheads which are also called comedone. It is important that a trained profession do it, because doing it on your own can potentially leave a dark spot mark permanently. You shouldn’t have facial extractions of your entire face on the same day if you have a lot of blackheads as it can make your skin look traumatic from redness and swelling. Most important thing is that you or the esthetician doing the treatment wears a pair of gloves.

Steaming: this facial treatment is so simple yet so effective, and it can be done as much as every week. It opens up the pores, removes dead cells, lessens blemishes and improves circulation. You keep your face away from the steam source about a foot length. But be sure to wash your face before since the dirt and oily sediments can get absorbed back into your skin. The steam should be soothing and feel warm; it shouldn’t be too hot as it can cause burn injury.

Masks: One thing so unique about facial mask is that it is available all all types of skin. Antioxidant ingredient can help neutralize the environmental damage, egg white for moisturizing and soothing, oatmeal and yogurt for all skin types, homemade cat litter to make skin super soft, turmeric power for brighter glowing skin, super-ripe bananas with a little bit of honey for oily skin, aspirin mixed with oil or honey to dry up acne pimples, strawberries and other salicylic acid contents for acne-prone skin, strawberry and lemon juice mask for oil skin as they contain natural astringents, avacados for anti aging skin look, dark chocolate cocoa, milk and honey for dry chapped skin, brown sugar with olive oil to exfoliate the skin.

Microcurrent and electricity toning: often known as non-surgical facial lifts, microcurrent facial provides a dramatic improvement in skin condition. The electrical impulses send by the device are safe and painless, and work on skin instantly and results are noticeable right away with clearer complexion, tighten, tone and firm looking skin for ageless appearance. This treatment is a great alternative to surgery as it is non-invasive. A disadvantage with this facial procedure is that it is recommended that the patient goes through about 12 different sessions and do a routine follow up.

Other types of facial include oxygen therapy to send wrinkle fighting serum deep into the skin and massage to rejuvenate over time to give it a healthy appearance.

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