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Last Revised on January 5, 2008

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So many people will break their new year’s resolution – to lose weight – soon before they would realize it. But there is a cure for that; it is video games. With the new strides that video game technology has made recently, it is become more and more highly interactive, especially moving the entire body instead of just the thumb and index finger on controllers to play the games. Hopefully it would stimulate the entire health, not just mental but also physical too.

Most recent “game-cercize” craze has been lead by Nintendo which launched their exergame Wii Fit in Japan to a record breaking sale and success. It’s the kind of game that helps you groove your body like as if you are doing yoga and aerobics. Using a custom-built peripheral called the Wii Balance Board, players engage in a variety of physical activities aimed to build a good physical strength, improve balance and increase aerobic stamina.

The game board also helps to play a role of a scale and measures the weight. Not just that, it also keep track of the mass index (BMI) video game player body. Wii Fit is set to launch and release sometime in early 2008 in North America; Nintendo is hoping to have the same success of older exergames, including last year’s Wii pack-in smash, Wii Sports.

Sony Play Staion released Eyetoy Kinetic for the PS2 in year 2005; it was an exergame requiring its players to follow a twelve-week fitness course. According to research conducted by Dr. Alaisdar Thin at Heriot-Watt Univeristy’s School of Life Sciences, ten minutes spent playing Kinetic is roughly equivalent to time spent with a conventional workout.

Studeo 55 health club in Vancouver, Canada actually uses Wii Sports as a workout option for its customers; the owner Nathan Mellalieu thinks you can lose 75 to 125 calories by playing the games. There was also a research done at Liverpool John Moores University somewhere in 2007 and study found that playing Wii Sports for an average of 12 hours per week could result in burning over 1800 calories, although they’re quick to point out that such an activity should not replace traditional exercise.

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