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Last Revised on December 27, 2009

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We have all seen classified sites that charge you a certain amount of money for people who want to put up their ads. But there are also sites that don’t charge you money at all; but these sites are no good since such sites are full of spam and most customers don’t go there to read classified ads. Now there is a new website that may be able to revolutionize the way classified ads work. It is video classifieds by Listasaurus.

They enable users to upload their own video classifieds ads and get this – they pay you money for putting up your video classifieds. Now it can’t get better than this. For one you are getting a free advertisement space, and to make it amazing you get paid for that. The video ads there is pretty good since they not only show the video but also the other information in texts; that way it is optimized for search engine. And in instances where people can’t view the video for some reason, they can still read the text ads that accompany the video ads. The video classifieds also shows how many times it has been viewed.

And users who are interested in viewing the videos can search for videos based on categories, upload time, zip code and even keywords. It is very easy to register too.

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