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Last Revised on December 28, 2009

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The rise in user generated video hasn’t been there for long. Just recently because of online videos site like youtube and other have made the whole video uploading and sharing a very fun way of enjoying the internet. Now a days almost everybody goes online to watch videos. There are all sorts of videos online and as more and more people upload and share their videos, more and more people visit and watch their videos. This works in a very balanced banner and helps both the video maker and the people who are searching for the free videos to watch.

Now there is an interesting twist in this online video world. YawpBox gives you an opportunity to create videos and chance to get your 15 minutes of fame on their YawpBox TV show. It is hosted by Lex and Terry. If you like creating original videos and enjoy sharing it with other people, than this is the website for you. Lex and Terry gives you the challenge of creating a video content in specific categories. There are lot of categories for user to choose from. You submit you video and get the opportunity to end up on TV.

It is pretty simple to join this video sharing site too. You first register to signup and after that enter information in your profile section for other people to learn a bit about you. After that you go to Topics or Categories, which so ever way you prefer and you get to watch the videos under that. Uploading the video couldn’t be much easier. You just go to Upload My Story and you can upload your videos or even start your own topic.

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