Top TV Shows That Got Affected by Writers Strike

Last Revised on January 26, 2008

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We has noticed a lot TV show casualties. No new episodes are being produced, and more and more of the TV favorite shows are starting to run dry. Click through this slideshow for the up-to-the-moment tally of popular series that have met their strike-induced end and see where the stories left off. These popular TV series have run out of episodes, thanks to the writers’ strike. Here are the TV shows that got affected due to the recent strike by writers:

CSI last time had Grissom taking a break from the glitz of the Vegas strip, and was investigating the death of a bull-riding rodeo performer, his prostitute ex-girlfriend, and her pimp.

Grey’s Anatomy was about as drama-packed as they come. Meredith finally started warming to sis Lexie and even showed it by making her breakfast (which Lexie was actually allergic to, but that’s another story). Derek told nurse Rose that the kiss meant nothing. Dr. Bailey’s son needed emergency surgery after a bookcase fell on him.

30 Rock aired on January 10th, despite Jack and C.C. giving their all to their long-distance romance by meeting halfway between New York and Washington in a rural Pennsylvania town (and even symbolically throwing their cell phones in a lake), they just couldn’t make it work.

CSI Miami had Julia, suddenly popped into Horatio’s life when the CSI investigated the death of her dead billionaire husband. When it was time for Kyle to face his day in court for the kidnapping of Kathleen Newberry, the case was thrown out after Kathleen didn’t show up for court.

Ugly Betty had a good assignment to interview a writer was ruined by an identity mix-up, but Daniel wasn’t too upset. One thing he WAS upset about was finding out the woman he was dating (Gabrielle Union) was actually Wilhelmina’s sister.

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