Top Movie Presidents

Last Revised on February 18, 2008

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Would you like to see the best and top people who have played the role of a president in movies, here are the list:

President Andrew Shepherd played by Michael Douglas in the movie The American President. A widower and a single father, President Shepherd finds love with an outspoken environmentalist. Inspired by his lady, Shepherd chooses his newfound convictions over political expediency.

President James Marshall played by Harrison Ford in the movie Air Force One. Obviously, getting your own private 747 is one of the perks of the whole presidential thing. President Marshall flips out when Russian terrorists hijack his.

President Tom Beck played by Morgan Freeman in the movie Deep Impact. With a giant comet on a collision course with the planet, there isn’t much President Beck can promise that will make things better. But with a voice that warm and authoritative, the comet sounds as harmless as a flock of penguins.

President James Dale played by Jack Nicholson in the movie Mars Attacks. When short, squawking Martians start blasting everything with their ray guns, President Dale has three choices: try to reason with them, surrender to them, or fight back. None of these will actually save humanity, but at least he has options.

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