Top Millionaire States

Last Revised on January 23, 2008

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Do you care to know where the rich people live? Maybe you are looking for a partner that is filthy rich and you can find anyone in the place where you live. The reason maybe because your are living in the city or state where not many millionaire household. Here are some states that have the most millionaire people living:

New Jersey is right now the place to go. It has the most millionaire living there in the country. 7.12% of the households in New Jersey are millionaires.

Maryland is the second state with nearly 7.08% of the households being millionaire.

Connecticut is the third state. It has a total of 1,358,170 households and families and 7% of them are millionaires.

Hawaii is the fourth richest state full of millionaires. It has only 438,893 households and 6.69% of them are millionaires.

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