Top Hottest Gadgets of 2007

Last Revised on December 28, 2007

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In year 2007, we saw a lot of cool new electronic gadgets that we didn’t expected. Here are some of the top gadgets that was released that year:

Apple iPhone really generated a lot of buzz all over the technology news and magazine. A lot of people ran into the retail stores to get the iPhone first. Apple partnershiped with AT&T to get the phone running.

Nintendo Wii should definitely be the runner up if not the winner of the top gadgets of year 2007. People rushed to the store to get hold of the Wii, but not everybody got it. Right now, you can’t even find Wii in stores. Only place to Wii seem to be on eBay; most of the Wii sold on eBay are believed to be shipped from countries like Asia.

Garmin Nuvi is a GPS navigation device. It helps travelers find places. It is a tiny pocket-sized personal travel assistant that also can be used for entertainment. It has a very easy screen taps system like a lot of new gadgets that have been coming out recently.

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