Top Contract Jobs that Pay Well

Last Revised on January 8, 2010

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Contract job is a kind of work that you work on pay per the job done basis; it is bit different from regular jobs where your employment status is pretty much guaranteed stable and permanent. However, with the economy the way it is right now, more people are looking for temp contract jobs. If you are one of these, we got a good lists. Interestingly enough, some of the workers in these fields can earn more per hour than their full-time counterparts. Pay can top $85,700.

Contract jobs with surprisingly high salaries

Registered Nurse – the baby boomers are getting old and the one’s who held the nurse positions for long time are retiring. Registered nurses now a days make in the close proximity of $30/hour. And especially if you work for a temp contract agency, your annual earning should easily top $80,000 for that year. No wonder we see many nursing schools along with so many people changing their career over to this field.

The thing with contract job is that they usually don’t offer any benefits for the workers aren’t full time or working for a permanent status, so that benefits money are channeled to help pay higher wages.

Physical Therapist – just about a decade ago, just a mere Bachelors Degree could get you a Physical Therapists license, but now a days it requires a Masters Degree to work as one. But the pay is still good average earning is nearby $78,000 per year. Many hospitals, clinics and others health care facilities are willing to hire PTs on a contract basis to save themselves money on their annual budgets.

Construction Project Manager – construction project manager usually doesn’t even require any college degrees because most of the requirements are hands on experience in construction. But a bachelors degree could give you an edge over other candidates when applying and request for a higher pay in that temp job. This group has increase in pay at 12% rate compared to regular full time employees.

Software Developer – this one is probably one of the best example of a contract job because people in this field work on a contract and project basis. They have huge earning potential depending on how much they want to work and what kind of company they chose to have a deal. They can easily top their counterparts who are making $75,000 each year working behind the desk all day.

Mechanical Engineer – is also bit similar to the above computer software developer in that most of them work in a contract job. They like to work independently even though they are deemed necessary to have good interpersonal skills. But at the end of the day, contract job workers finish their task on time to collect new contract jobs. According to PayScale, their median salary is some where near $70,000 and they make 2% more than their full-time working counterparts.

That’s also called a freelance contract job and can include computer graphic and web designer who work on their own schedule and get paid based on the contract they have upon finishing the tasks. So their earning potential is only limited by themselves as there are so many freelancing contract jobs out there.

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