Top and Best Jobs in Human Resource Departments

Last Revised on February 20, 2008

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Are you planning to work in Human Resource field? Then be assured that there are many sub-fields within the human resource (HR) department. Here are some of the best jobs in Human Resource industry:

Compensation supervisors make an average salary in 2007 of $78,700. They had a 2006 employment at 49,000 and 2016 projection is 55,000. They oversee compensation, including wage, salary, incentive and executive compensation.

Human resource assistants makes an average salary in 2007 of $36,600. Their 2006 employment rate was 168,000 and 2016 projection is 187,000. They maintain records of the organization’s employees, such as their names, addresses, job title, earnings, benefits and tax withholdings. They also perform general administrative tasks.

Employee benefits planning analysts deal with the company’s employee-benefits program, usually creating its health insurance and pension plans. They make an average salary in 2007 of $62,000. There were 2006 employment at 110,000 and 2016 projection is 130,000.

Compensation analysts gather, analyze and prepare wage and salary data to smooth the compensation and management functions of the company. They also review and propose changes to salary structures and position classification. They make an average salary in 2007 at $62,400 rate. In 2006 employment was 110,000 and 2016 projection is 130,000 jobs.

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