Top 6 Secrets of Top Adsense Publishers, maybe

Last Revised on December 7, 2007

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I am in no way an Adsense Expert; nor do I make make money from Adsense to say I know what top Adsense website publishers do to make that much money. But here the the top 10 things Adsense Publishers do that average and new Adsense Bloggers often times fail to do:

1. There is no Adsense Secret. A lot of new Adsense publishers seem to ask these top Adsense earners how they make that much money but they don’t get any response. Why? Because there aren’t any secret, we basically know that these top earners have high traffic and apply basic common sense. Because of that secrecy, people are interested in them and get the traffic and thus the clicks.

2. Keep other bloggers guessing your Adsense income. They will reveal their adsense income like once and then they will stop talking about it. Why? Because they want other people to come to their website to see if they have revealed their income yet. Isn’t that what Amit Agarwal does. He is one of my favorite blogger. He once showed his Adsense income and ever since then he never seemed to talk about or answer any question related to it.

3. Let other people know you make a lot. Shoemoney is one of the best example of this. What Shoemoney does is that he put the picture of his showing a big Adsense check on his homepage. People sees it and they come back again and again to see how he does it. But there is nowhere in his site you can find that out.

4. Control the Exit Pathway. What I mean by this is that if you site or blog has a lot of external links, it can hurt your Adsense income. How? Because these external links will take away your potential Adsense clicks. If you have less outgoing links, that means it is more likely for your visitors to click on your Adsense ads.

5. Abide by Google. Once your Google Adsense account is banned, then you are pretty much done. So the top earners don’t risk losing Adsense Account by going against Adsense TOS because they make good money out of it. It is not worth for them to take such a big risk.

6. Don’t reveal your other sites. Shoemoney and Problogger no longer uses Adsense in their “main” blog because all the visitors are pretty much Adsense publishers so they know visitors won’t click on Adsense ads. But remember they have many sites that they don’t reveal to other people because same could happen to their other sites and CTR will go down.

Sorry, I only talked about the top bloggers…not the top adsense website publishers. I don’t have much information about them since they don’t blog.

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2 Responses to “Top 6 Secrets of Top Adsense Publishers, maybe”

  1. good tips Says:
    December 7th, 2007 at 12:28 pm

    those were good tips for many newbies who don’t know much about adsense yet.

  2. Neotrepreneur Says:
    December 7th, 2007 at 5:01 pm

    Some great advice. Tip 6 is a must if you have a popular blog or forum.

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