Things IT Department Like to Keep Secret

Last Revised on January 23, 2008

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So you are at your work and you go to your IT department to ask for help; they refuse to help. And you start to wonder why don’t they tell you how to do it:

How to look like you’re working -that’s completely dumb thing to ask at the first place. Aren’t you supposed to be working as a matter of face?

How to keep your privacy when using Web mail at work – Many companies now have the ability to track employees’ e-mails, both on work e-mail accounts and personal Web-based accounts, as well as IM conversations. But there is a reason behind it; they monitor employee’s e-mail to catch employees who are leaking confidential information.

How to search for your work documents from home – now why would you be working so hard that you have to look at your work documents during your free and off time from work and you are home? Getting hold of your company’s internal documents could give others insight into your plans, and losing certain information could have legal repercussions.

How to visit the Web sites your company blocks – Your employer has blocked access to certain sites — ranging from the really nefarious porn to probably bad gambling sites to mostly innocuous web-based e-mail services because that’s not work computer is for. Your personal computer at home can be used for that.

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