Things Cop Can Look Up About You

Last Revised on December 7, 2007

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Ever wondered what cops are doing when they are inside their and looking into the computer? There are many things they cops can look up about you. Here are some of the thing cop can find about you when they dig into your personal record:
Real name and aliase names used in the past, social security number, current and past address, date and place of birth, color of your skin and eyes, any special skin marks like scars, tattoos, height and vision, gender, cars owned by you, state registration ID, license plate number, past traffic violation history, criminal history from the past at the local state and federal level and fingerprints.

There are different places all the information gets accumulated in the police computer databases. Some of the places are from the DMV, local police records, national crime information center, or even from private companies such as credit reporting companies.
Cops have unlimited access to basically all the the DMV and warrant informations

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