The Reasons Plasma TV Failed In the Market

Last Revised on November 27, 2007

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When years back I heard plasma TV for the first time, it felt like it is going to be a huge success. Now look at plasma tv, where does it really stand? Nowhere really. It is all about LCD and HD tv; but not plasma TV. Once considered the future of television, plasma TVs have lost their shine as a matter of fact; they need to polish it up and do a lot of catching up with LCD.

The display known for excellent picture quality LCD (liquid crystal display)has grown into the high-definition. The funny thing is although plasma TV came first and then LCD TV, plasma TV remain more expensive. The reasons could be the cost of power and electricity that LCD consumes. Although all TVs can be energy hogs, plasma sets are notorious for their high power consumption.

As of now, the leading challenges in getting people to make a switch to high-definition TVs is the cost. Predictably, as prices have fallen in the last year, more consumers are willing to buy into the idea of the HD experience. About 1 million plasma and 5.2 million LCD TV sets were sold in the U.S. last year, compared to about 750,000 plasma and 2.6 million LCD the year before that, according to retail tracking data collected by The NPD Group.

If a fluorescent lamp can do 80 lumens per watt, there is “no reason a plasma TV display can’t get anywhere close to that”, according to an expert. “If you ask someone today (how to double or triple the luminous efficiency) they’ll say, ‘I don’t know how to do it right now,’ but as time goes on, these things will become more likely.”

Plasma manufacturers are now a days trying to avoid being edged out of the HDTV market by LCD. They need better luminous efficiency which will make it the TV have fewer parts needed to put the TV together. The power supply in a 42-inch 720p plasma TV accounts for 9 percent of the manufacturing cost, which is only 3 percent of the cost of a comparable LCD TV. By increasing a plasma’s efficiency to 5 lumens per watt, the cost of producing the TV could become equivalent to LCD.

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