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Last Revised on December 28, 2009

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Today, I am going to dedicate this article on describing The MorningStar Academy. It’s a kindergarten to 12 grade Christian home schooling program. All the teaching coursed are provided through internet across the country at an affordable price for average family. They try to integrate a Biblical world and life view throughout our online home school curriculum. They have over more than 180,000 daily exercises and provide 140 Christian courses. And to make the learning experience efficient they also provide live tutoring to the students. And since the courses are provided online, both parents and the students can access the learning materials whenever they want.

Here are the type of support they provide to the parents: a multisensorial, challenging and compelling home school program in which students would be interested in learning about. They provide a quality problem-solving, flexible learning experience, project based activities and simulations to make the learning experience joyful. Their main objective is to provide an opportunity for home schoolers to make Biblical principles a personal part of their lives and enable students serve the Lord by serving others while offering services to social and emotional needs of home schoolers by showing them unconditional love and by providing a caring, affirming environment.

If you are wondering about how the student will learn and experience this online home school program, you can check out The MorningStar Academy Student Demo. Since it is online, students can access the learning resources anytime they want and learn things at their own pace. Unlike many sites on the web, The MornignStar Academy’s student page has a very clean layout that helps cut out the distractions. On the top there is a interface that links to student resources. After that there are three column in the middle. The left hand side has all all the courses student is enrolled in and the right hand side has all the lesson plans that student has to study. In the center, student can read all the announcements. On the bottom right hand side, students can also find the library to find more resources to learn more effectively.

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