Strange Mails from Myspace Users

Last Revised on July 26, 2007

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I keep receiving these funny mails from other myspace users. Of course they are spammy ones. Here is one of them:

Subject: Hello

Hi there, I hope you’re still looking! I saw your ad page and wanted to contact you. I’m searching for a nice honest guy, not a player! Could this be you? Something about me, I’m smart, cute and easy going. I like keeping busy too; I do yoga a few times a month and just started working out. I’m hoping for something casual and friendly, but I am not opposed to take it farther. I was in a long relationship and now need some fun.

By the way, this site loses mail often; don’t respond directly to this message. Send your response to this email address instead please: ———–@yahoo..

Be seeing you!

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