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Last Revised on February 5, 2008

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Starting your own business can not only make you the boss but can also be very profitable. But often time the problem is that we don’t know how to get everything started. The franchise business opportunities solves the problem. For those who don’t know what franchise is; it is way of doing business under the shadow of the big company. What that means is that that franchisor offers help with almost everything to the frachisee to start the business for a fee and a percentage of the revenue sales and profits.

Many big factors that involve making business a successful involve national or international advertising, training the employees, and other support services. These are often provided by the franchisor in the beginning. There is an agreement between the franchisor and the franchisee that lays out the rules and guidelines about how the entire process and task will be performed. The reason big companies becomes a franchisor is because they get to earn profits from just help new business evolve for a short period of time in the beginning. And as the time goes on, the franchisor still continues to earn royalty fees.

One of the very important thing to remember however is that, cancellations or terminations of franchise agreements before the completion of the contract have serious consequences for franchisees. Franchise agreement terms typically result in a loss of the sunk costs of the first-owner franchisees who build out the branded physical units and who lease the branded name, marks, and business plan from the franchisors if the franchise is cancelled or terminated for any reason before the expiration of the entire term of the contract.

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