Some Tools to Check Your Google Page Rank

Last Revised on December 27, 2009

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Of course pretty much everybody is using web browsers with Google Toolbars add-on, which shows your page web page rankings.

If you don’t have one, you can download a web browser with google toolbar here.

However, if you already have this then why not upgrade it to a further level. Here are two advanced google page ranking tools I found:

1. LivePR is using a special query to the Google database sectors which enables it to extract metadatas for a website. According to to LivePR, “When querying Google for the URL, we would get something like this:

URL_1:32: Title_1:19:Apple
- MacBook Pro Rank_1:1:9 CrawlDate_1:10:1 feb 2006
Summary_1:169:You’ve dreamed [...] of the PowerBook
G4. ... Link_1:0: CacheSize_1:3:21k Related_1:0:

The line that says Rank_1:1:9 is the important one, and it is believed to represent the current PageRank for this URL, ie PR9 (9/10). ”

2. FuturePageRank is another cool tool that you can use to predict your website or blog’s pagerank. Your result will look something like this:

3. And the last one is VisualPageRanking tool. As the name says, you can view the live visual page rank of a link on the website. It looks like this:

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