Some Overpaid Baseball Players

Last Revised on February 22, 2008

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There are always going to be some overpaid players as long as we define the overpaid player as a player who makes a plenty of money but doesn’t deliver the win or any good results to the team that is worth the money. Here are some of the baseball player who are overpaid:

Ken Griffey, Jr. of Cincinnati Reds gets 1.1 WS/million. His contract was considered a sweet deal at the time he joined the Reds. Buthe played 140-plus games in a season just twice in eight years. He has hit 195 home runs for Cincinnati after hitting 209 in his final four years for the Mariners.

Carl Pavano of New York Yankees is at 0.08 WS/million. He signed a four-year, $40 million contract after the ‘04 season, but a series of injuries have limited him to 19 starts and a 4.77 ERA with the Yankees.

Chris Carpenter of St. Louis Cardinals has 0.0 WS/million. He had to go through Tommy John surgery in 2007 and is not expecting to be back until mid to late ‘08 at the earliest. Right now he gives no value for the first two years of his five-season contract.

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