Some Common Mistakes or Problem in Resume

Last Revised on February 27, 2008

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We are not perfect, but we can always work on to improve. Here are some some mistake that we make in writing a resume; so lets improve them:

Typos and Grammar: Proofread before you send your resume. Look at your résumé over several times and have other people review it, too. Typos, grammar and misspellings can tell the hiring manager how serious you take this work. It’s a sure-fire way not to get a job offer.

Over exaggerations. It’s one thing to spin a particular situation, but blatant exaggerations are red flags to hiring managers. Hiring managers know when you’re stretching the truth and they won’t hire someone they’ll never be able to trust.

Poor Arrangements: Not all formats of resume work for everyone. When people lack experience, what they don’t use the chronological history, instead they use a functional format. This will draw attention to your skills instead of your lack of experience.

Hard to read and understand: Prevent Human Resource manager from squinting by using a text and font that he or she can use. Use lists and subheads, and add some extra space between sections so the text doesn’t run together.

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