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Last Revised on December 28, 2009

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Are you a real estate agent and looking for a way to make your work easy? There is a happy news for you; AgentOrganizer is here. It is a real estate agent software that is very easy and simple to use unlike it’s competitors. It lets the real estate agent organize his works and contact lists based on listings, buyers, sellers, finances, appointments and basically everything that has to do with real estate. You can even create easy, but attractive looking, letters, flyers, banners and print mail labels.

The software package is pretty affordable; it cost only $149 and that’s it. It is only one time fee and there is no other fees like monthly subscript, etc. But if you can’t afford anything or would like to check out this software in depth, more detail, try out their software with free download to use it under 15 day free trial period.

There is a new feature in this real estate software package that lets you learn more about your financial data income. Real estate agent get to track their expenses by entering each time they spend money on a particular listing. This also helps track of their income when the sale of the home listing happens.

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