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Last Revised on December 23, 2009

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I have noticed a lot of online paid to blog and blog advertising site, but smorty so far seems to be the best one out there. They seem to be outperforming their every competitors in every aspect of this business. Why I say this? Am I trying to promote Smorty? The answer is I am speaking the truth; I have heard a lot of people talk good things about Smorty. Both the advertisers and the bloggers like Smorty for how they handle the whole business.

Smorty blog advertising is one of the favorite advertising platform for the bloggers I know; they like how smorty let them approve the blog post before letting them pay. They have five days to approve the blog post. The interface is pretty simple and the log in panel is one of the simplest one you can find. Both the bloggers and the advertiser login from the same control panel, only thing different is before you hit Enter button, you choose Blogger or Advertiser. That’s it.

Smorty seemed to have good rating among the bloggers as well. Today I read on forums how a blogger make like around 50 bucks in a week from his blog for money. Now that rocks. That blogger said the customer support is much better than other ones too besides paying right on time through paypal.

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  1. Idetrorce Says:
    December 15th, 2007 at 4:04 pm

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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