Signs and Warnings of Relationship Break Up

Last Revised on January 13, 2008

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It is hard for lot of us to pick up the signal our love partner is sending regarding breaking up the relationship. However, here are some of the top break up warning and signs that should be easy to catch if given a little deep thought about them:

Not picking the battles. When your boyfriend or girlfriends starts to become annoyed and angry at pretty much every single thing you do, then it is possible that it is not these annoying thing you do but rather its you the person who he or she can’t stand in front of.

Not reliable anymore. Our loved ones always give priority to us over any other thing in their life. But as time goes by and they don’t love us anymore, they tend to send the reply message back to you. Often, they will cancel the date night you have set up with each other.

Major change in outlook. It is usually that once the couples settle down, people in the relationship tend to indulge less in their own appearances. Most likely it is because now they have somebody. But why in the world, the person in relationship would start to dress and have hair cut and style better if they are not looking for someone else.

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