Should You Accept Freebies From Home Builders?

Last Revised on December 19, 2007

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We all know how much desperate the home builders can be to sell the house to us; but did you realize often times they seem to come with some amazing perks and free stuff to pack it with the home they are selling. Some home owners are willing to offer free round-trip flight tickets to anywhere or lease a Mercedes Benze for year; the only condition is that you have to buy the house. While shopping for the house can be hard and difficult, avoiding the dangers of overlooking the perks can be much harder.

House prices all over the United States are expected to fall nearly 6 percent. You should accept the freebies if the house you are looking at is well worth the price they are asking for, while remembering that some giveaways can come with costly string attached. Most important for you as a home buyer is not to look at the freebies and perks too much, after all you are looking for a house to buy not for freebies. The amount of money is almost always better than free stuff they would offer you. You should always try to deal with the house price first and then look at the incentives.

It is possible that the home seller has already calculated the value of all the free giveaways and has added to the value of the house you are buying. So it would be worthless to account for the giveaways sometimes. That’s why experts recommend home buyers to calculate the offer’s true value not just the perks itself.

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