Sexiest Quarterbacks in NFL

Last Revised on January 31, 2008

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By the very nature of the position, the nfl quarterbacks exudes a certain amount of sex appeal to women. As the team’s most visible player, quarterbacks have to be leaders, keep a cool head under pressure, and be mentally and physically tough all attractive attributes in any man. Here are some of the top sexy nfl quarterbacks:

Tom Brady: Brady is all man and inarguably the sexiest and most stylishly dressed quarterback of all time in nfl history. He has been hooking up and breaking hearts for years, first as Bridget Moynihan’s boyfriend and now with his new girlfriend, model Gisele Bundchen.

Brett Favre: He has led the Green Bay Packers to victory in Super Bowl XXXI, is the sexiest redhead going. In 2004 Men’s Journal named him the “Toughest Guy in America” because of his “fearlessness, perseverance, a willingness to take risks, a tolerance for pain, and even a dash of modesty.”

Joe Namath has practically invented the cult of the sexy quarterback. An icon of an era, “Broadway” Joe excited fans with his mussed hair and blue eyes and a kind of social panache that went hand in hand with the rebellion of the 1960s and ‘70s.

Donovan McNabb: He’s brawny, he’s magnetic, and, according to the Eagles’ Web site, he’s a “multi-dimensional threat.” In other words, the cover boy of Madden NFL ‘06 exudes sex appeal from all angles.

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