Safe and Unsafe Lead Containing Toys

Last Revised on December 5, 2007

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There has been lot of outrage over how lead toxin toys for kids have been freely roaming in the consumer market. Recently a health and environmental group named Ecology Center release what you call the Consumer Action Guide to Toxic Chemical in Toys. It contains the list of toys that are safe and have no lead toxins in it. It also had list of toys that did not contain lead toxic chemicals. Shop for toys carefully.


1. Tatiti Brush Your Teeth! Robot

2. Elmo’s Take-Along Card Games

3. Nick Jr. Go Diego Go! backpack

4. My Pasture Play Set

5. Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game case


1. The First Years First Keys

2. Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Hippo

3. B.R. Bruin Stacking Cups

4. Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack

5. First Play Caterpillar Grasping Toy

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One Response to “Safe and Unsafe Lead Containing Toys”

  1. xiong Says:
    December 5th, 2007 at 12:25 pm

    thank god, at least you did not mention so called chinese made toys. people in america are continuously blaming china as the main source of lead toxin toys. i am sick of it.

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