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Last Revised on January 10, 2008

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Did you there is a union for a rugby football? It’s called Rugby Union and sometimes it is also know by names like rugger. Rugby is a sport games where two teams play against each other. Each teams have 15 players and ball is oval shaped. There is a seven-a-side variant which is referred often as rugby sevens; it is played under a modified rules and is played much faster.

Anyways, if you are looking for a rugby news, you might consider giving RBS 6 Nations website a shot. The website is located at It’s the official website for premier international rugby tournaments in Europe. The tournament has 6 nations competing for the championship.

I Like rbs 6 nations for they provide one of the most comprehensive and detail list of news, recap, fixtures, results or anything that has to do with the rugby tourny there. It makes the fans keep track of every information there is to take in. One of the most resourceful stat sheet provider out there online on the web.

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