Read Contracts: Cell Phone Bill Can Reach $85,000

Last Revised on December 20, 2007

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People know that some of the people they know have paid like over thousands of cell phone bills. But did you know that the cell phone bill can reach $85,000? That’s a real shocker, especially for the 22 year Canadian guy who owes that much money now to his cell phone company.

Just so you know, he and the cell phone company came to realize it wasn’t an error from either a computer or a human error. The poor guy’s name is Piotr Staniaszeki who used his cell phone to go on the internet from his computer. He thought his cell phone plan $10 a month unlimited mobile browser plan covered it free. But it didn’t; as Canadian telco Bell Mobility, his cell phone company, told him when he made an investigation about the big bill.

Here is an interesting thing. Initially when his cell phone bill reached to $65,000 he thought it was a mistake and by the time he contacted his cell phone carrier he was told it is now $85,000. That’s a lot of money.

Usually, the type of cell phone plans he is using under cover the data use on the phone itself such as texting or using the built-in browser on the phone. But the cell phone plans does not cover data use when it’s used as a modem with a PC. Whenever we shop for cell phone carrier and plans, we should read the entire terms and type of allowance of we have.

Bell Mobility cell phone company has reduced the bill to just $3,243 as an act of goodwill gesture; however Staniaszek says he will continue fighting against the bill. He makes a claim that the cell phone company should have notified him earlier, like they did when his cell phone bill reached $100 one time.

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