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Last Revised on January 2, 2010

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Have you ever had a trouble when you didn’t have enough time to shampoo you hair? I have on many occassions, especially in the morning when I am getting late for work. At that time, I always looking for a new method. Now I realized I have have used salon grafix shampoo. It is pretty easy to use it because you only need to spray it on. It’s a spray powder shampoo and comes with a color match formula. More importantly, it does the cleaning and refreshing of the hair like shampoo is supposed to.

This shampoo can be taken while visiting different places and you either don’t have time to carry the shampoo or use the shampoo. But it does all the work normal shampoo does and in addition to that it doesn’t have the drawbacks of shampoo. Some of the unique features of this quick use shampoo that makes this shampoo a must-have is that it easily brushes off and leaves hair revitalized. It contains no white powder or any sort of grease or oil residue. It cleans that hair and leaves the hair shiny.

This is a perfect dry shampoo for people of all ages, gender and ethnicity. The shampoo comes in various types to suits the needs of natural hair color. So if you are blonde, you would use blonde shades and if you are brunette you would use brunette shades. They also have silver shades to maintain your shiny and healthy hair color.

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