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Last Revised on December 27, 2009

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Online business has pretty much been booming ever since the internet start to take over the world. Now a days, a lot of businesses put their business online along side their original store located some place. The reason behind this is almost everybody goes online these days and the potential customers it brings is limitless. From amazon to ebay to craigslist, everybody is searching for items and people who have things to sell are jumping there to sell as well.

There is is new online marketplace that just got opened. It’s called SILKFAIR. There are two parties in this online marketplace: Buyers and Sellers.

First lets talk about sellers. Sellers get to sign up there and open their own free store and listings. They charge a 3% final fee at the end and that’s it. You should definitely take a look at tools that will make it easy for their customers to purchase the items such as easy one step shopping cart check out that is integrated with credit card accepting payment methods such as Paypal, Google checkout, Authorize and many others. Also to make your customers come back to your store again, you get a unique url for your store and if you prefer you can also opt for a personal domain. You also get to learn the market by watching their marketing videos.

And if you are buyer, it’s good place as well. Buyers get to take a look at the seller’s ebay rating by visiting the link. Order processing is very easy and hassle free. There is also a feedback capabilities to know who you can trust more. There is a blog and community forums set up for users to interact. So whenever you have trouble and issues besides opening a support ticket at the customer service department, you also get to discuss with other users like you.

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