Nine Ways to Find Cheap Gas Prices

Last Revised on July 25, 2007

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With the gas prices takings its toll, who doesn’t wanna save on gas prices? Here are some good ways to save money on gas:

1. Internet: Websites like and list the gas prices from around the country. It is posted by people who voluntary post the gas prices as they spot them. Also use MapQuest which lists data of the Oil Pricing Information Service across the country. It also lists stations with diesel and alternative fuels.

2. Cell phones: Several companies now a days send a text message with the area’s lowest gas prices if you message them the ZIP code. You can also get prices on the go from and others. They offer these services are free.

3. GPS: If your car has a compatible GPS device. Check to see if they also offers local gas prices. That service is free for a year.

4. Other neighborhood: Generally, the richer the neighborhood, the more you’ll pay for gas. Refineries also may charge more because of higher demand in a certain neighborhood. So check gas stations in other neighborhoods.

5. Not Freeway: Freeway gas stations tend to have higher gas prices, so wait until you get to the inland gas stations to fill up the gas tank.

6. Wholesale club: If you are frequent gas user, join the wholesale gas club from Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club which often offers the lowest gas price in the area.

7. Get a Gas Rebate Card: Companies like the Marathon Platinum MasterCard tend to offer a 10% rebate on Marathon purchases for the first 60 days, with a 5% rebate thereafter, Hess Visa Platinum Card has its 10% rebate for 90 days for purchases made at Hess or Wilco stations and the Shell MasterCard from Citi Cards, with its 5% rebate.

8. Use Gas coupons: Grocery stores next to gas station might offer a discount coupon, accept it. Sometimes the gas discount coupons comes on the back of the receipt, so check that too. Gas stations themselves offers coupons sometimes if they have carwash.

9. Use less gas: As simple as it is, just use less gas and then you will save money.

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