New HP Tools Track Open Source, Free Apps

Last Revised on January 23, 2008

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Hewlett-Packard has launched the FOSSology Project, a tool for tracking and monitoring the use of free and open-source software within an IT environment. The project stems from governance work done in-house at HP, according to the Web site set up for the project.

FOSSology is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2, and currently has support on most GNU/Linux platforms, according to the site.

It is not clear from the site how HP plans to make money through the initiative. Companies such as Black Duck Software are already in the FOSS-tracking business. Right now, the FOSSology project has modules for license analysis, MIME type identification and for extracting metadata, according to the site.

Over time, FOSSology is meant to be far more than an open-source license tracker, according to the site. Future capabilities could address bug fixes and patches, security alerts and code reuse, as well as analysis of all types of software.

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